We provide a variety of services, including feeding the homeless and low income families; donating clothing and furniture to those in need, promoting education/literacy, and assisting individuals with finding employment, 

We also work with victims of domestic violence and children that have been abused by providing them counseling and giving them resources to live in a safe environment, such as security cameras that they can install in their homes.

We realize that each person has a different situation and their needs will vary.  At Reach One Corporation we try to help them with whatever it is they need to improve their lives,by  giving them the tools they need to be independent and successful.

We are always looking for volunteers to help us with our programs. Getting youth involved is very important and we work with local high school and middle schools to help them earn their community volunteer hours. 

Our Mission

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The Lives We Impact

Reach One Corporation provides a variety of services to individuals, organizations, and churches in need. We partner with local nonprofits in order to help reach as many people as possible. 

To improve the lives of individuals in need by providing programs, services, job placement, donations & promoting education, while empowering them with self confidence and the tools they need to become successful and self sufficient. 


Reach One Corporation

Mailing Address: 710 Dacula Rd. Ste 4A #194 Dacula, GA 30019

Email address: reachonecorporation@gmail.com

Phone: 678-382-9635

  • Feeding the homeless & low income families 
  • Providing furniture, clothing, books, toys, and toiletries to those in need
  • Donating furniture to organizations that assist families in need
  • Participating at health fairs promoting mental health and domestic violence awareness 
  • Youth Mentor Program, promoting education and speaking about abuse.