We provide services year round, providing services to prevent human trafficking, and also giving healthy, fresh food to the homeless and low-income families. We also provide furniture, clothing, books, toiletries, and small household items. We promote mental health awareness at health fairs and counsel victims of domestic violence, giving them resources to find housing, pay bills, and find support. By partnering with other organizations we are able to reach more individuals through mentoring, counseling, and promoting volunteering among youth in the community.

Member of the  GA Criminal Justice Coordinating Council Statewide Human Trafficking Task Force 

Assigned to the Work Groups dedicated to Keeping At-Risk Youth Safe & Survivors Supported and Protected.

The International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) Training

We will obtain training in five new anti-human trafficking areas including:Sex Trafficking of Men & Boys, Multidisciplinary Information-Sharing, Defining Success Beyond Arrest and Prosecution, Analyzing Culpability/Charging Decisions, and Financial Investigations into Human Trafficking.

Hunger Relief Program
We provide healthy to local shelters, families, and low-income individuals through donations from ALDI, Panera Bread, Kroger, and Ingles.

Furniture Donations
We provide desks, dressers, beds, dining room tables, and book shelves, to local homeless shelters, domestic violence shelters, and churches. These items help the organizations that were in need as well as their clients that needed furniture to furnish their homes once they left the facility

Top Student Laptop Giveaway 
We provided one college student in need with a new laptop to help her with her studies. Tyler H, is an Honor Roll student at Georgia State University, works 2 jobs, writes for her school newspaper, and has an internship with a local radio station. 

DeKalb County & Union City Health Fairs
Reach One Corporation partnered with Mayor Vince Williams as vendor,at the Union City Community Health Day and at the DeKalb County Health Fair with the Commissioner, providing donations to the local community. We also counseled women who had experienced domestic violence,giving them to resources that could help them find grant money, housing, and supportive services. 

Holiday Gift Baskets to Shelters

We are creating gift baskets filled with toys, toiletries, books, and other items to give to shelters and transitional homes for the Holidays.

Donations for Sarah Costine and Family

We provided donations for a lady name Saidah Costine and her 5 children. Their home was destroyed in a fire with all of their belongings. Sarah also has cancer and is a single mother. She and her children are homeless and she lost all of her cancer medicine in the fire. See her story that was featured on WSBTV-2.

Monthly Donations 

We donate clothes, books, hair products, toys, and small household items to local domestic violence shelters.

Financial Literacy Program 

Topics covered: The importance of saving, how to check your credit report, managing money, and banking basics for students.

Promoting Healthy Eating

We have recently partnered with the company, "Oh Honey Please" to promote  the healthy benefits of eating natural honey versus sugar. Products are donated  to shelters and low-income areas.

Reach One Corporation is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization under EIN 35-2524574 established in February of 2015. We help victims of disadvantaged youth, victims of abuse, homeless individuals and low-income families. We are a Member of the GA Criminal Justice Coordinating Council Statewide Human Trafficking Task Force assigned to the Work Groups dedicated to Keeping At-Risk Youth Safe & Survivors Supported and Protected. Additional services we provide are promoting education, literacy, and assisting individuals with emergency services. We also provide them with food, clothing, furniture, toys, toiletries, and books. 

Our Founder was featured on WSBTV-2 in 2010 People 2 People for her work with local homeless shelters. She shared her story of survival from abuse and living as a child in a home that suffered from mental illness, drug addiction, and alcoholism. She focused on her education and earned a full academic scholarship to a private university, and her Master's in Educational Management. Reach One Corporation strives to help individuals become successful and independent in order to improve their lives and help them overcome barriers.

If you would like to volunteer or provide donations, you can call 678-382-9635 or email reachonecorporation@gmail.com. Thank you in advance for your support. 

Member of the  GA Criminal Justice Coordinating Council Statewide Human Trafficking Task Force assigned to the Work Groups dedicated to Keeping At-Risk Youth Safe & Survivors Supported and Protected.

email: reachonecorporation@gmail.com                     2015-2020

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